Pre-Release Updates:

2-23-03- No opening yet, but I do have an official update log! Click Here to view it!

9/27/02- Still not open, but I'm slowly re-doing the fiction lab. All written material will now be in HTML format, instead of a document format. This allows for much faster loading times, and better site intergration. I've also added 7 peices of new artwork. 3 drawn be me, and 4 drawn by others. *feels loved* ^^

9/18/02- Yeah, the release date is long over do. Silver Style will open, whenever it's done. :P

8/10/02- Got the guestbook and counter up. Yay!

7/11/02- I hate to say it, but with no forums to visit, i've been productive. I re-did the Odd Page, got the essays page up, and added a banner to link Kimbo's site with. Now all I need is a guestbook, an about me page, the photo gallery, a contact page, the disclaimer, and stuff for this page...