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silver style!

"Bumper Stickers":

A few months ago while taking to Pardo Nightwalker on Live Journal I ended up creating a few banners with silly phrases. They were originally inspired by what Kimbo Demonica and Mune Bunny made for a few others around TIB and TBL. As far as the stickers part goes, they're not really stickers unless you print them out on sticky paper. But would you rather have something that sticks or something with a strange phrase? ;)

-The original sticker that Kimbo made and left for me at TIB. Being an forum adminstrator/moderator requires the "Paws of Justice". ;)

-The result of a five minute adventure in Photoshop. I spent my time complaining about my fall IH 52 class as we covered Communism and wishing I could watch more Dragon Ball Z. Pardo came up with the slogan and I couldn't resist making a banner.

-Along the same lines of the previous banner and a fine example of Pardo's ryhming abilities. ^^

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