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silver style!

E-mail Me:
Want to send some questions my way? Well go right ahead. You can e-mail me at silverhuskey@theicecave.org. However my e-mail response time is well known as being slow. So you can save yourself some time by reading the FAQs below.

Also if you would like to get in touch with me outside of e-mail me I do use several of the following instant messengers:
Yahoo Instant Messenger SN: silver_huskey
ICQ#: 40488987
AOL Instant Messenger: DemonSilverhusky
mIRC (mainly on Saturdays): Silver_Huskey (On the sorcerynet server, just add me to your notify list)

Q: I like your artwork, can I use it on my page?
A: Thanks! ^_^; I'd rather you not, unless of course it was a gift to you. In that case go ahead! Keeping the (c) on the artwork of course.

Q: Can I use some of your fiction and essays for my site?
A: It depends on the site... But I'd rather it stay here, however you can drop me a line if you want to try your luck.

Q: What does this site have to do with Balto/Pokémon/TLK?
A: Nothing! It's a site just for me and my original works. ^^;

Q: Can I use one of your characters in a story of mine?
A: Someone wants to write using some of my characters? o_O; E-mail me first to let me know of the nature of your story. I'll most likely say yes.

Q: When are you going to finish *insert name of story here.*?
A: Whenever I get around to it, i'm a very busy husky, ya know?

Q: Do you do art trades?
A: I don't general ask others, but if you wish to do one, just e-mail me.

Q: How about commissions?
A: Gah! My artwork isn't good enough for that. o_O; Maybe in the future, but not now.

Q: Story trades?
A: I've never done one, but i'm open to it. Just e-mail me.

Q: Do you like cheese?
A: I'm not a huge fan of it, but I can tolerate certain flavors. ^^;

Q: I see that you have a Demon character, are you into demons and things like that?
A: Demon Silver? She's become so friendly over the years that she's earned the name nickname, "the Peaceful Demon". So no, I'm not really into that stuff.

Q: Do you believe in werewolves and stuff of that nature.
A: I find myself critical in the literal sense, but I believe that people are more in touch with animal nature than human nature. So that's a yes and a no answer.

Q: Do you believe you're a husky trapped in a human's body?
A: *LOL!* Not in the literal sense, but I do feel a very strong connection and liking to my character. ^^;

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1998-2004, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without my premission.