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silver style!

I kind of like writing essays when I get the chance. However I wrote so many essays in during my first "year" (Semester really) of college, that I don't feel like writing them much. I proabably won't have any personal essays up, so this section will be mainly decidicated to my school work.

High School Essays:

This section will most likely never grow, seeing how I hated most of my essays from High School.

The United States oil Depandancy- The result of a nearly a month's worth of brainstorming, starting over, research and lots of writing. With double spacing the class verison came out to eight pages. Since I was the only one in that class of three to actually do a lengthy writing assignment I recieved extra credit points as well. Infomative, although the information might be a little dated from early 2001.
Technical Information: Words: 1855 | Pages: 3

College Essays:

Expect good things to come from this section as I journey through college life. I'll refrain from posting long essays in this section and simply stick to the shorter items.

My Dislike of Frued- A very short essay that I was required to write for my IH 52 class in response to a section Sigmund Freud's Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis. It was only worth 15 class points and thankfully I recieved them all.

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