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silver style!

The Fiction Lab:
Welcome to the fiction section of my site, or the Library if you wish (Lab sounds cooler to me). Here you'll find a collection of original fiction and fan fiction that I have written. Unless otherwise noted, all characters are (c) to me. Have patience as this section of my site grows, as I don't have much time to sit down and write anymore. All stories are in an HTML format for quick loading and easy viewing. Also note that only finished stories recieve a word and page count. If you find any grammatical errors, and or typos in my work please e-mail me. You'll find my e-mail address and a subject line in every story. Happy reading! ^^
Quick Lengend: F=Finished, V=Violence, L=Langauge, A=Adult Situations

General Short Stories:
As title title implies, you'll find most of my short stories here. They are usually written for fun, class, to release tension or to get a cleverly concealed point across.

A strange story about a 17 year old alcoholic that I wrote for an homework assignment, during my senior year of HS. I got mixed reviews from friends about this one. ^__^ None of the content has been altered since I wrote it. Err just read for yourself... *Shakes head.* I must have been desperately searching for fiction to post this one.
Technical Information: Words: 1326 | Pages: 3

From Love Comes Hate{F,V,L}
Something that I wrote when I was down in the dumps. When does a balance of power based on friendship become a matter of rivialry and hate? How will a team of sled dogs survive when their leader loses it? *Note: I might to do sequel for this one...*
Technical Information: Words: 4018 | Pages: 9

A Wish Granted{F,V}
A very short story about an immoral husky named Zero who's become tired with life. Written while on vacation from work and posted here due to the feed back I got when posting it to Live Journal.
Technical Information: Words: 669 | Pages: 2

Call Me Sweet Wolf {F}
Another short piece, originally posted to my Live Journal. It's a satire of two annoying people (made into one in the story) who lurk around Balto message boards. If anything, you'll probably get a decent laugh or maybe a grin out of it (hopefully).
Technical Information: Words: 437 | Pages: 1

The Adventurer's Guild {V,L}:
A longer winded story started back in late 2001. While I haven't written anything for it in a while, my orginal intent was for the story to become a main feature of this website. Right now I'm not sure what direction the series should take, so for the moment it's on a brief hatius. For now, you can read what was written back in 2001. Hopefully an update will come soon.

-Chapter 1: Sage, an older teenage is plagued by a bad dream. Upon waking, he gets into a confrontation with his abusive father and is disowned. To make matters worse, he leaves his mother behind, knowing she's not in good hands.

-Chapter 2: An organization with less than honorable intentions, experiments on a young wolf for their own gains. While passing through an abandoned section of the city, Sage sees part of the expirement in action.

-Chapter 3: As if his situation couldn't get any worse, Sage soon finds himself held captive by the same organization conducting the wolf experiments.

The TBL Chat Anthology:
All of my short stories that revolve around the role playing world of TBL(The Balto league) can be found in this section. This includes characters that I use or have used in TBL chats, and characters created reside in or around the TBL enviroment. Occasionally references to the characters of other members of TBL chat and their own fiction may be made.

Demonic Origins{F,V}
While remembering the chaos that used to take place in TBL chats back in late 2001, I wrote this short piece. The first transformation of Silver to Demon Silver. Because I don't have transcript of that chat, the events aren't 100% accurate. The events are from Silver's point of view, which in reality was all I could remember during that role play.
Technical Information: Words: 1510 | Pages: 3

Ego (Thanks to Roger Byrum for the title!) {F,V}
A short story about Blue and how he learns a lesson about his own arrogance, not to under estimate others, and the power of friendship.
Technical Information: Words: 3217 | Pages: 8

Fan Fiction:
Anything having to do with scenarios and characters that are not my original creations and/or maybe copyrighted. Subjects can range from novels, movies, cartoons, TV shows, anime and even manga, and are used without permission.

Tribute to "Flowers for Algernon"{F}
A short piece I felt inspired to write after reading "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. Takes place solely from Charlie's point of view as he progresses and regresses.
Technical Information: Words: 763 | Pages: 3

Alternative "Lord of The Files" Ending{F,V}
What would happen if Ralph and the others were never rescued from the Island? All characters and events are (c) to William Golding. If you you've never read Lord of the Files you're missing out on a great book!
Technical Information: Words: 931 | Pages: 3

All site content, including layout, graphics, artwork, fiction, essays and photos are Angela T. Moseley
1998-2004, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without my premission.