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silver style!

The Artwork Gallery:
Yes, I do draw, as well as write. Drawing definately comes easier than writing nowadays. Below you'll find artwork that i've done at home, and for projects in school. Just about all of it was sketched by hand and colored in Adobe Photoshop. The newest work is no longered inked digitally, but done with mircon pens (to preserve detail).

Click here to See artwork of me done by other (much better) artists!

Artwork for 2003 & 2004:
2004 has been a bit of slow year so far. I college and real life events sometimes make it hard to sit down and draw. Much less update this page. To make things easier, I've also gotten myself a Deviant Art account, you'll find my newest stuff there before you find it here. :)

I decided to draw myself something for my 21st birthday. I think it fits what I got (minus the actual cake) pretty well. ^_^
More gift art for my awesome buddy, Winter Winstar. I've never ever seen he or anyone else draw him snarling, so I took a shot at it. Other than a few flaws, it came out better than I expected, especially the eyes.
First of all I DID NOT draw this. Night Tracker did, back in 2003. The only thing I did was color the sketch. CW Tyger, Alueus, Tracker, John (as a wolf), Matt and myself (as the were-husky) relax after the usual TBL chaos. Uploaded with permission.
A sketch of Blue done while I was bored in school one morning. Perhaps he's a bit arrogant because he knows he's more interesting than the geology lecture was that morning.
It's funny how when things are fairly stressful collegewise, how you tend to go a little insane. I think my brain almost broke once or twice. ;)
Artwork for a Contest at The Icy Boards. The goal was to draw a younger version of one of your characters. So, I give you Silver, as a puppy. Isn't she cute?
Gift art for my good friend, Snow Wolf. I love when my digital coloring actually looks good. ^^;
Gift art for my buddy Ravid. I liked his chibi form, so I decided to give drawing it a shot. I also decided to make my highlights in images softer, and to give them a hue that matches the color the light source.
A quick sketch I did when I was feeling down one night. Lots of little things that are off, but I was too lazy to fix it. I also colored it quickly in Photoshop, using as little color as I could.
My half of an art trade with Huskyteer from Live Journal! I decided to try out a new brush tool I found in Photoshop 7. It makes doing grass a lot easier.
After seeing a nice headshot image of a lion, I decided to draw Blue once more. I like the way it came out, except that I forgot to draw his whiskers after I inked the image. Ack!
I can't believe I almost forgot about this piece. I guess that happens when you draw late at night. Gift art for Thornwolf because she was feeling a bit down.
Gift art for my two good friends, John and White. I think the coloring is just okay, and I tried out a different method for coloring the eyes. Either way, I hope they like it.
I felt the urge to draw a silly pic of Silver for a change. I planned to original use it as a forum avatar, but got lazy in the end. But who needs a serious excuse to draw anyway? ;)
Finally after weeks of contemplation, I finally drew my liger character, Blue. Liger= half lion, half tiger, father must be the lion. Just for those of you that may have been wondering. ;)
Another gift for Winter. Since the first pic lacked any real expression, I thought I'd try a second one. It's just a sketched colored slightly in Photoshop, minimal colors for the lazy.
A birthday gift for Winter Winstar. I like the way the colors came out. Due to my scanner crapping out, it took a while to actually scan and finish. Not to mention a few hours to color. -_-;
Originally started in Photoshop 5.1.2, and finished in Photoshop 7. I drew this for the sole purpose of having a new AIM icon. Am I vain? Yes, I am! XD
A gift for a good friend. Drawn one late Thursday night while working on a school assignment.
My half of an art trade with Cyphermutt! I really like way this piece turned out, which is a good thing, since it took me months to get around to doing it.
The complete verison of the sketch. Overall I think this picture came out alright (the colors look good), but I hate the LJ icon version. I'll say it again, never depreve a husky of her check...
After coming back to work from injury leave, I was told I didn't have a check for the prior time I worked. I knew I worked for a day or so. I went home angry and sketched this. Anger picture, yes?

Archived Artwork:
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