Demonic Origins
Originally written on December 24th, 2002
by Angela Moseley

Panting furiously, she rounded a corner. Using all of the strength in her canine body she managed to keep ahead of her pursuers. Until her strength gave way to tiredness, and she finally faltered and fell. Panting again, Silver firmly planted her paws in the snow and pushed herself half way up. There was nowhere to run, she was trapped. Gritting her teeth and swishing her tail, she managed to keep her fears at bay. Silver silently decided that she would not give up hope, as she turned to meet her pursuers.

Leering with hungry eyes, the various types of wolves, accompanied by one human crowded around her. Silver had lost in their dangerous game, and she had to die. It was as simple as that. Narrowing their eyes, they lunged at the husky. However, they didn't count on her being so stubborn.

One wolf attempted to clamp his powerful jaws around Silver's neck but she pulled back just in time. Another managed to get a grip on her throat and was rewarded with a mouth full of blood and leather. The brass spike-tipped collar she wore had saved her. But she was powerless to stop the rest of the wolves and the human from piling on top of her. Cursing, she sagged under their combined weight. Once they had her pinned, they began to bite and tear at her silvery fur and dull pink flesh. After sometime Silver's body went limp. Satisfied, the group disengaged themselves from her and crowded around the unmoving body.

Growling fiercely, the only white wolf in the group moved in for the kill, the young, bearded longhaired human by her side. Just as she leaned over Silver, the dog's eyes snapped open. Feeling a surge of strength (probably borne from desperation), she lashed out at the two, driving them back. Hopping to her feet, she backed herself up into a tree. Snarling, the pack started to advance on her again. Growling, she held out a syringe filled with dark liquid gripped tightly in a paw.

Curiosity got the better of the group, as they watched Silver inject herself with the dark blue liquid. Grunting in slight pain, Silver withdrew the needle from her foreleg and cast it aside. A strange sensation suddenly passed through her small body. Her fur stood on end, and the bright colors washed away, replaced by darker ones. The normally white claws and fangs began to lengthen and darken to a sickly yellow color. Silver howled in pain as her muscles began to expand, and her bones thickened to accommodate the now heavier mass. The howl turned into a blood-chilling roar as Silver completed her transformation.

Fearfully, the group backed away as the once friendly brown eyes took on a hellish red glow. With a nasty grin, Silver charged straight for the white wolf, who barely saved herself from the snapping jaws by rolling out of the way. Feeling braver, a few of the other wolves flung themselves upon the mutated husky. As they buried their fangs into the thick hide, the beastly dog reared up in pain. Cursing again, Silver bucked wildly, and rolled over onto her back crushing the wolves beneath her. In desperation for her friends, the snow colored wolf bared her fangs and leapt gracefully through the air. With true aim, she clamped her powerful jaws on the dark creature's nose.

The effects were immediate as Silver lurched to her feet, and shook her massive head in annoyance. As the dark blood began to trickle out of her wound, something unexpected happened. The white wolf let go, whimpering in pain and dropping into the snow. As the smell of burnt flesh and acid filled the air, she vigorously cleaned the demon's toxic blood off her tongue. Feeling a sense of renewed arrogance, Silver brought down a paw and neatly pinned the wolf. The others barked and snapped at Silver, who for the most only took action when they got too close. As if on cue, the white wolf buried her fangs into the paw that pinned her. Just as Silver turned towards the pain in her foot, another pain struck her on the side of the muzzle. The blow snapped her head back, and her body soon followed, hitting the ground with a low thud.

The human, who had been forgotten up until now, tossed aside the large branch he carried and helped the white wolf to her feet. Along with the rest of the pack, they quickly distanced themselves from the demon. Shaking her head, Silver roared, and lumbered after them. The ground seemed to tremble in fright as the enraged monster ran down her prey. Practically tasting victory, Silver lunged at them- only to be greeted by a sturdy steel door. A loud metallic clang filled the air as she struck the barrier.

The metallic clang continued as Silver furiously tried to break down the reinforced door of the fort. After pounding for a few moments, she stopped in sheer exhaustion. Panting, the mutated dog sat by the door with seething eyes. They'd have to come out sometime... She thought to herself. With another nasty grin, showing her awful fangs, she sat by the door and waited. Silver wasn't sure how much time passed, but with a low groan the door finally opened and two wolves darted out.

Instead of running from her, they foolishly attacked. Rearing up like an angry stallion, Silver kicked the air with her front paws, and brought them crashing back down. The wolves narrowly avoided being crushed by veering off to the side at the last moment. Not wasting another moment, one darted up the demon's back, and another snapped at her heals. She rolled over, trying once again to crush the wolves, but they were ready for her. Two more exited from the fortress, and together all four wolves swamped the demon. Although she had the advantage, Silver found it increasingly difficult to keep track of each wolf. Forming a single effective fighting force, they begin to work the husky over.

Clouded with anger, the dog's mind could no longer calculate clearly, and she slammed into a tree. Uttering a low curse, she uprooted the tree, and heaved it at her opponents. With breathtaking lupine grace, they danced out of harm's way, as the tree skidded by them. Silver charged the pack again bearing her exaggerated fangs, after what seemed like eons, her fangs found the white wolf. Who once again managed to save herself from an instant death by hanging doggedly onto the muzzle that gripped her.

Just as Silver prepared to deliver the final blow, she sensed danger from behind, and quickly rolled to the side. The human skidded to a halt as the syringe now filled with glowing white liquid harmlessly stabbed the air. A shudder ran though the demon's body and she took a step back. Ominous vibes seemed to ripple from the needle and for the first time Silver didn't feel so invincible. Deciding not to take any chances, she ran straight for the bearded young man, knocking needle aside. As she watched it fall to the snow, the arrogant feeling soon came back, and she dropped her guard. Shaking his head in frustration, the human forcefully jabbed Silver's eye, and snatched the lupine from her jaws.

Slinging his friend over his shoulder, the human rushed for the vial. The remaining three wolves came to his aid, by slowing Silver down. One snapped at her tail, whilst another attacked her muzzle, thinking ahead, the final wolf dove into the snow, digging out the serum filled syringe. Despite her being somewhat hampered by the wolves, Silver leapt, getting to the needle first. Catching it in a paw, she grinned in dark trump, as the other's features fell. Suddenly, she grunted in pain and the demon opened her large paw to reveal the now crushed syringe, the glasses pieces sticking to her paw pad. The glass was unaffected by the acidic blood, and the white liquid slowly oozed through the wounds.

Silver's great mass swayed as she began to feel dizzy. Shaking her head, she realized that they must have created the formula using the contents of her own syringe. As the serum began to counter act the dark material she injected into her blood earlier, Silver's wits left her. The bulky body swayed again and finally fell, catching one wolf under it. The forest seemed to violently shake as Silver's mass hit the earth. Spasming, the husky's demonic state wore off as quickly as it came, leaving behind a vulnerable being, sprawled on top of an injured wolf.

The weekly game ended as the group made no move to attack. With heavy hearts, they sat down and began treating their injures including Silver's, who still lay in a comatose state. Satisfied that everyone would fully recover, the human spoke cheerfully.

"Ecker, ecker! That was a class day!"

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