Originally written on November 18, 2000
by Angela Moseley

Early one morning a young woman bolted out of her bed. She had the terrible feeling that something was wrong. Reaching to her left, she felt the bed the for her husband, when finding nothing, she groaned and threw baize covers aside. Slipping on a robe, and slippers she strolled down the hall and looked into her son's bedroom. She felt a jolt of anger and then sadness, as she stared at his empty bed.

"Where could my husband, and son be..." she thought out loud to herself.

The woman was about to return to bed, when she heard a muffled thump in the downstairs cabinet. Curious she went downstairs and peered into the small room. As soon as she opened the door, a boy about 17 years old with big, brown spikey hair rolled out of the cabinet. Oddly enough he was tied, gagged, and wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

"I've been worried about you, and here and I find you acting oddly. What is going on with you Sage? Is it your drinking problem again?" The woman aquired, freeing her son of his bonds.

"Well yes...." The boy answered with some hesitation, "Last night Dad announed to me that he was going on a long trip, and wouldn't be back for days, perhaps even weeks. Being the bastard that he is, you can imagine that I was overjoyed. Coming downstairs I saw his open bottle of Malt Liquor, and decided that a shot or two wouldn't hurt." He paused and looked at the now discarded empty bottle on the floor. "I guess I had one to many. Anyway I was in my one-man congo line when, a beautiful woman came through the window. 'Hey wanna play with the big girls?' she said to me. I couldn't say no, so she undressed me, tied me up, stole Dad's pendant, and threw me into the closet."

As soon as Sage finished his story he recived a harsh slap from his mother.

"I won't let you talk about your father that way! And if he finds out what happened to his pendant, your drinking problem will seem like a meer adiction to him!" Withdrawling her hand she paused. "Get the pendant back now!"

Sage could only stare at his mother with a incredulous expression on his face. Running a hand through his spiky hair, he sighed, and couldn't believe his horrible luck. If what his father had said to him was true, then he had less than a fortnight to find the pendant.

"Fine then that's just what i'll do!" Sage yelled.

After throwing on some clothes, and tieing his lucky bandana around his head, he ran out of the house. He had no idea where to begin looking for the girl who snatched his father's prized pendant. When what seemed like hours, had passed by Sage found himself in the middle of a strange eccenric town where in comparsion to the people, his idiosyncrasies seemed quite normal.

"Can I help you son?" An old man asked.

"I hope so, have you seen any strange jewerly, pass by lately? If so did you see a red and orange pendant, with a small carving of a Katana in the middle of it?"

"That's sounds like quite an expensive pendant young man, but I haven't seen anything like that." The old man replied.

Sage's countenance immediatly fell, "Okay thanks for you're time..."

While walking through the very odd town, thoughts of beer, the pendant, sleep, his mother, his father, that girl, and expenisive wine began to go through his mind. Finally too tired to continue walking Sage stopped at a small diner, and sat alone in a small booth. The denizens of the small diner came and went as the boy moped in his own self-pity. Until a girl about the same age as hemself sat down in the booth with Sage.

"Can I buy you a beer? Or perhaps something more to your liking?" She offered.

Being quite the gentleman... he couldn't say no, and five beers, and six wine coolers later he was also quite drunk. Sage was on the verge of passing out, and the girl noticed this, so she took the opportunity to introduce herself.

"My my, you do have quite a problem. The last time we met you were also drunk. Well I won't keep your incompaciated mind in suspense, I was the one who stole your old man's pendant." With that the girl kissed Sage on his cheek, and punched him in the gut.

The next morning Sage woke up in a dumpster, have regain his acuteness, but not his memory, and was very confused. The old man that he had meet earlier came to greet him.

"Well my boy, you made quite a fool of yourself last night. After leaving the diner, you terrorized a bunch of kids coming home late from school, stripped pratically naked in front of busload of nunns, defaced the gallows, smashed the town's only cheval-glass, and bit an old woman in the ear. Your unscrupulous, and blasphemist acts, earned you two choices, a trip to jail, or an AA membership. What will you choose?"

Sage winced, hopped out of the dumpster and ran. The old man tried to catch him, but popped a joint out of place. Chasing the boy was no longer extraneous to he stopped to nurse his joint. Sage ran as fast and far as his legs could carry him, until he tripped and fell. Pushing himself up, he noticed the same girl from the dinner. She still hadn't noticed him yet, until he yelled at her.

"Hey I remember what you said to me at that diner! You have something that's very dear to me, please give it back."

She jumped in fright, and then smoothed back her long black hair. "I can't you see your father had a very special pendant. There are others like it, and I must collect them all." With that she trotted up to him, and showed him a pendant she was wearing. It was almost identical to his except it was yellow, and had an carving of a javolin in the center.

"Please, give it back..." he choked

Looking into his sad face, she gave in. "Okay I can see that your sincere, and not just some drunk teen looking for a good time. You're a very special boy, and your parents must be proud." She said giving him back his pendant.

As soon as he touched it, it began to glow. Sage could only look at the pendant in awe. He suddenly regreted that he had to give the pendant to his father. If only he could forge it somehow...

"Don't you see? That pendant is somehow connected with you. It's powers will go to waste if you don't keep it."

"I can't do that, my dad will kill me, literally... with a shotgun..."

"Well in that case don't go home just yet, there's a kimono festival in the next town, you could hide there, 'cause your a wanted man here... Do what you want, but i'm leaving, you see I'm also in trouble... I better keep moving... Good bye Sage, take care of yourself, and if we ever meeting again you can call me Zuki."

After finishing her speech she walked off into the foggy morning. Sage could only stare after her. But his mind was set, he wasn't going home... not just yet.

"Goodbye mother, take care of Dad. And don't worry about me, when I come back i'll a better person.... and less intoxicated too... Now i'll see what this pendant can really do."

And with that he vowed to never drink again. Not casually, not socially, not for heath, not for sorrow, not for a contest, but maybe for a pretty girl.

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