A Wish Granted
Originally written on July 24, 2003
by Angela Moseley

With fading awareness, Zero wearily let his exhausted body slump to the floor. It had been a hard week of sledding and all he wanted to do was sleep. Food, water, companionship and all other bodily comforts could wait. He wanted nothing but to be left alone- to sleep, however his wishes went unfulfilled as his older brother came upon him. Indicating that he wished to be alone, Zero coldly rolled to the side leaving his back to face his brother.

"Why are you here?" asked the younger husky.

"To find you of course, why else would I come?"

"Well here I am, woohoo, thank God the day is saved. Now leave me be." Zero hissed dryly.

Instead of leaving, Zero's older brother sat by his side thumping his tail in deep thought. After sometime he finally spoke to his younger sibling. "Lately you've been a poor leader for your team. You've been irritable, you disobey commands and you snap at your teammates. Granted, you were pretty lousily when you started. You were only concerned with extra food rations, laying every female that crossed your path, and preserving your own ego. But now, you're much worse, is being a self-centered, egotistical sledding "hero" finally taking it's toll on you?"

Zero could only reply by uttering a barely audible growl.

"You're corrupted to the core and you tarnish the honorable reputation of being a sled dog leader. Somewhere along the way you lost your soul. Does that not bother you in the least?"

"Lately I've been feeling worthless. My life no longer has any meaning to it. I'm beginning to wonder if it ever did. Is there such a thing as a spiritual side that separates beings from their physical side? Is the air we breathe when we run real? Are the snow and ice that our feet touch real? Or is it just one massive illusion, a dream perhaps? Are the emotions that we experience such as fear, anxiety, anger, passion, and love real? Or are they merely chemical reactions created by the body to deal with any given situation? Does anything have meaning? I don't think so, therefore I am not bothered, not by words, not by actions." replied Zero as he rose to his feet. He tipped his ears backwards and stared hatefully at his brother.

The older husky sighed, beginning to feel unnerved by Zero's icy stare. "Of course things have meaning, even if that meaning is to basically live. The meaning of life is survival. No one truly knows what's beyond life, but in the end each and everyone of us will make that discovery. I think it is then that you will find out if life was truly real or whether it was just a dream. Or perhaps after death marks the start of a never ending dream- or nightmare." During his speech he finally found the nerve to look his younger brother directly in the eye. "What do you have to say to that?"

With a malevolent grin Zero spoke to his older brother for the last time. "As far as finding out what's beyond life, I think you should be the to first to go." The young husky's calm expression quickly turned to one of deep hatred as he lunged forward, sinking his fangs into his brother's throat. As his teeth cut their way through vital flesh, the older husky sputtered on his own blood and desperately pawed at his attacker before he went completely limp. Satisfied, Zero unlocked his bloody jaws letting the dead body go, as if his horrendous deed would magically wash away.

Yet his moment was short lived as a loud explosion filled him with terror, and a fast moving object tore away at his flesh. It entered him from his back and exited through his chest with a sickening burst of crimson. It was only then that he realized in a lethal twist of fate that his wish for sleep had been granted.

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