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silver style!

Links and Points of Interest:
Awww, are you leaving already? Here are a few interesting places to visit on your way out.

Oh, and if you'd like to link me, just use these banners! Thanks!

Thanks to Kamotz for letting me use the artwork for this image! :)

Thanks to Kimbo for the artwork used in this image! :)

Friend's Sites:

Be sure to visit my good friend Kimbo, The Antlered Demon wolf. You'll find lots of her amazing artwork, commissions, and a bit about herself. And remember Silver sent you! :D

CW's Den- The home of another good friend, CWTyger. You'll find lots of his original works, TLK fanfiction, Random Roars and more! If you like a good read, then this place is for you. ;)

Winter Winstar's homepage. You find his awesome artwork, his comic series Twist of Fate, and more!

Thornwolf.com- The awesome Gallery of a good friend, Thornwolf. Her artwork is amazing, and definitly worth seeing! Unfortunately her site isn't up yet. ^_^;

Arctic Wind Animation- A website created by Josh Barney. I see a great animator in the making. :)

Blue Eyed Leopard's Lair- The home of Pardo Nightwalker. Good original fiction and tons of links to pages regarding big cats.

Wolven of Darkness- Night Tracker's home page. You'll find lots of her artwork, and links to her galleries and such.

Vesta's Den- Pheer the purple! Vesta's home page, contains pictures of her trip to England visiting Acanis, and some of her favorite places to go.

Munebunny's VCL gallery- Lots of awesome artwork done by Mune! Click to see, and remember she's NOT a rabbit. ^^;

The artwork of ArbeyWolf (Cyhpermutt). She has a cool style, so if you haven't seen her artwork yet, then click here to view it!

Kamotz's VCL Gallery- Awesome artwork by Kamotz! You just have to love her fuzzy style of art. ;)

The Hyena's Den- Features the writings of Roger W. Byrum. You'll find TLK related stories and stories centered in the TLK universe. His works are very well written, and definately work taking a look at.

The homepage of my good buddy, Ravid Wolf. You'll find his nifty artwork, nice digital pictures and more!

The home page of another cool friend, TLW 27. Well, I just call him 27. You'll find a lot of interesting things to do at his site. I could list them, but it would be more fun to see and explore for yourself.

Points of Interest:
-Click for Balto Related Links!
-Click for Pokémon, Anime, and Gaming links

All sites below are group into various categories for easier navigation! Happy viewing!

Artists' Sites - Webcomics - Art Galleries:
Dakota's Ridge- An awesome web comic about the wildlife residents of Dakota's Ridge. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be awestruck, but you'll mostly laugh.

Quantum Orange- Home of the amazing artist Orange 04. You'll find links to his various art galleries including Deviant Art, VCL, Side7 and Yerf.

Mediaminer.org- Thousands of fanart pictures here. If you like Fanfiction.net, then try Media Miner same concept, but with artwork instead.

VCL, I don't know what it stands for, but it's home to thousands of furry artists! You could spend hours getting lost in the arty goodness. Be warned VCL has no regulations, in other words you'll find nudity, acts of sex and more here.

Another big site for the artists. Features all kinds of artwork, and even allows anime style and fanart.

Furnation.com- When mentioning furry art, lets not forget Furnation! One of the biggest sites out there! They also host a number of websites for furry artists too.

We all know GoldenWolf's artwork and it's extremely good! So if you haven't seen it, go now.

The awesome artwork of Kyoht! Weres, anthros, fantasty, dinosaurs and more!

The home of the awesome artist ~Quel! Her artwork is some of the best i've seen, and she's very versitile in the mediums. It's mostly furry artwork, but you'll find anime styled artwork and fantasy art too. Be warned, there is an adult gallery there, so view at your own risk.

Awesome fantasy artwork done in Photoshop! Also home of the webcomic Books and Brimstone. If you like eye candy then don't pass up the chance to fest here.

The wonderful artwork of Ebony Tigress! She has interesting mix of fantasty and realism, not mention she uses a variety of mediums. If you like big cat artwork, I wouldn't pass her site up!

An extremely entertaining webcomic features the inhabits of Coyoteville. ^^

Music - Gaming - General Media:

Tens of Thousands of stories here, everything from video games, to anime, to popular movies! If you're looking for a good read, then fanfiction.net is the place for you!

The sister site of FanFiction.net, instead of fanfiction you find orginal fiction and poetry by the thousands.

You'll find midis from a huge collection video games here! The load time is a little slow for the server but it's worth it.

A well done gaming site that only covers RPGs. You'll find reviews, previews, editorals, QAs, artwork, fiction and more.

The name says it all, this site is all about RPGs, old and new alike. Get the latest coverage, screen shots, artwork, downloads and more here.

Home to a large variety of remixed music from video games. Some songs are okay, and others are simply amazing, if you enjoy video game music then I'd suggest stopping by at least once.

A great Xenogears website that features game screen shots, artwork, movie clips, full HTML based walkthough, and more! A must see for Xenogears fans!

Another awesome Xenogears website with plenty to do and see. It lacks a little in the fan art, but it's other sections more than make up for it. If you have free time, definitely check out their novelization in progress.

An extensive site covering the recently released Xenosaga and the older Xenogears.

The Video Game Director's Cut features lots of parodies on popluar games. The flash movies are extremely well done and entertaining. Go see now.

Web Services - Miscellanous:
Native American Zodiac- I had no idea one exsisted, but it's pretty interesting.

Liger's and Tigon's Homepage- Lots of info on lion and tiger hybrids, commonly known as Ligers and Tigons. See? They do exsist. ;)

Corbis- Tons of pictures in reference to wildlife. If you ever wanted to get to know an animal for description or drawing, here is the place!

Information and pictures of various types of huskies. If you're a fan of huskies, I wouldn't pass this link up!

Wolf Sanctuary- Lots of info, pictures and multimedia all pertaining to wolves.

Tons of information and pictures pertaining to animals. In addition you'll find a large collection of artwork and even a Wolf's Rain fan site!

All site content, including layout, graphics, artwork, fiction, essays and photos are © Angela T. Moseley
1998-2004, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without my premission.