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silver style!

My Computer:

Admittedly I was somewhat inspired by thelonewolf_27 when I created this page. That and if I showed off my room, around the house, my neighborhood and my college campus, why not show off my computer? Especially because this one is more interesting than my last one (and it works better too). After all, one can't create site, much less view them without a computer.

My new computer was ordered and custom built from CyberPower, Inc. Considering my old computer had a fairly small drive, and very litle memory, I was looking for space and power among other things. As well as a few new features that weren't common back when I got my first computer. In the end, I went with a few of these components (Remember, it was all under $900, so it was a decent deal):

Windows XP (Home Edition)
256 MB of memory
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.7 GHz (No more Pentium for me) of processing power
64 MB NVIDIA GeForce MX 440 video card
16X DVD Rom
80 GB Hard Drive

As for the rest, scroll down to see a few pictures.

A view of my whole desk area, including a Lexmark Z12 printer, an Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner, a ProDisma 15 inch (X_x) monitor, and power woofer speakers.

A close up of my 15 inch monitor. I was a bit too cheap to buy a large sized monitor. Perhaps I will in the future. I did have a silver and black colored multimedia keyboard, but the letters rubbed off the keys in less than a year. So I went up with a black Dell keyboard until I can find another multimedia keyboard. Next to the keyboard is my mitsuko optical mouse, and my mouse pad with a gel-filled wrist rest that I found four years ago.

A front view of my cpu tower. I got tired of the bland grayish white look, so I went with a silver colored case. It sparkles in the light and is made of metal instead of plastic. On top of the case is a Zip Drive 250. I'm old fashioned and I still like to keep such things for webdesign and to work with while at school. On top of the Zip Drive is a USB video game controller.

Inside of the computer case's door isn't all that impressive. It simply contains a DVD rom, a CD-RW rom, and a floppy disk drive. Although I do have three expansion bays for future add-ons.

The side of my CPU tower. In addition to a silver case, I also got a neon blue light. I think they come in just about every CyberPower system (excluding the laptops of course). Two fans for cooling, more expansion bays in the back, and quite a few empty slots to add additional memory in the future.

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