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silver style!

My Room:

It could be because at times I have to nothing better to do, or perhaps I know a few of your are curious, I decided to take pictures of my room. Or better yet, perhaps I was just itching to use my new digital camera (my old suffered from a serious fall). Nothing too serious at the moment, as I finally get this page up and running. For now, you'll find a few pictures of my bed room, and a few of the far basement wall (where I keep the computer). Hold your mouse over the thumbnails for a quick description.

Captures taken in Early June 2004:
A view of my one of my closets.  Features some artwork brought or commissioned placed in protective plastic covers. The front wall of my room.  My TV, bookshelf, and a few paintings. The right wall of my room, an easy chair and a few plushies. A fanmade Balto Cell, MLK Jr, Gargolyes (the video game), and Jurrasic Park poster.
My room door with a Forest Gump poster. Another shot of the MLK poster and a few things on my dresser.  Including my 35MM film camera. My coat rack, and a commissioned pictured right above it. The wall opposite of my coat rack, a few Pokémon posters, and another commisioned pictured.
A shot of my computer monitor and keyboard in the basement. My large CPU, zip drive and video game controller.  Complete with bright green carpet. X_x A look inside of the CPU's door. Getting back to my room. More posters, from Garfield, a random kitty cat, a flag from the Million Women march, a rapper poster (don't ask), a sports posters and a Dragon Ball GT poster.
Back to the computer.  A side shot of the CPU and the workings inside. My USB controller. My playstation games, a few imported soundtracks, and loose CDs. My PS2, my mother's CD changer, and a VCR.
A few of my DVDs. The side basement wall where I keep my calendar, my cloth map from Lunar SSSC, a pendant from Lunar ETB, and some prints from well known artists. Back to my room...  A better shot of my DB GT poster, my TLK poster, the same sports poster, and a few momentos from my high school years. A poster from the Jungle Book and The Lost World.
My second closet door with some original artwork and a print. My oversized hat, and a few decorations. An old air conditioner unit, my various toy figures, some old SNES games, and my favorite small statues. A the plushies that I keep on my bed, in addition to another shot of my bookcase.
A close up of a few of the books I own and of my GameCube. A very close shot of my howling wolves dream catcher.  I found it at a small tourist stop/gas station no less. ^_^ A wide shot of my basement wall and of my computer desk.

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