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silver style!

Art by Others:
Yay! A whole gallery of wonderful artwork done by wonderful artists all for da Huskey! All artwork is copyright to the artist, no exceptions. And I like to deeply thank everyone who has taken the time to draw a picture of me. I really appricate it! :)

Various Gift Art:
Awesome artwork of Demon Silver which came from Cyphermutt's half of our art trade.   I like this piece a lot, and fire is always fun. ^_^; A pic that my good RL friend in Arizona, Steve, drew for me (about 2 years ago)!  It's his verison of the White Wolf from Balto, with a few urban accessories I asked him to add.  Oy, it's been a while since i've talked to Steve, he's gonna kill me... ^__^; Kevin (CT Wolf) surprized me at an TBL chat with this lovely line art, as well as some material for The Ice Cave.  Thanks Kev, the pic is great, and your art is really improving! ^__^ When Aaron Acre (Orange 04) asked if anyone wanted to be drawn in TBL back in 2001, I said yes without any previous knowledge of his art style.  Glad I did, it's now one of my favorites!  The very first drawing of me done by someone else too.
A realistic drawing of Silver by John Fitts, it was a wonderful surprize left for me at TIB. Silver Wolf left this awesome surprise for me on LJ!  Her skills with the tablet are amazing! An awesome drawing of Demon Silver by Kaynine from TIB.  I love the anime style and the leather wings instead of feathed wings. :) Azarni surprised CW and me with this cute picture.  I like being plushiefied.  :)
Huskyteer's half of our art trade!  Looks good, yes? ;). Ag drew this on  a drawing board after one of my RP rages in TBL chat.  Thanks again Ag!  Tis humor and fitting at the same time. Alue suprised me on Live Journal with this one night!  I love the cute expression.  Thanks a bunch Alue! ^^ A sketch commission done by Ebony Tigress, this time of Blue.  I'd say she did an excellent job with him, I love the perspective.
I found this nice suprise in my inbox.  Thanks a lot Ewolf! An awesome badge that I commissioned J3T for.  Other than forgetting the 'e' in Huskey, it's perfect.  I should be going to AC '04 this summer, so I plan to put it to use. ^^ Chris Brewer recolored an image Winter Winstar drew for me.  I think the color job looks awesome!

After AC finally recovered from his hospitial orderal, he showed us a lot of the artwork he did while there.  This is a spiffy crop from one of those pieces. Awesomeness!  It's Silver and Fluke drawn by Acanis.  I love this pic!  Mischief is thy name... heh... Same pic from above, only without the background and Fluke.  I love the way fur and eyes look. :D

Kimbo's half of our art trade!  It's a pic of Silver in her dragon form, or just Dragon Silver.  Love the angle and the detail she used! A neat totem pole drawn by Kimbo to ward off evil spirits.  The others are Winter Winstar, Fluke, CWTyger, and Kimbo herself. An awesome drawing from Kimbo of my demon form, Demon Silver.  Don't let the harmless smirk fool you... heh.. A big bad snarl from Demon Silver, drawn by Kimbo.
Another awesome Demon Silver Pic done on Okaki! A beautiful present from Kimbo for my 19th birthday.  Yay!  *toots a flute* A silly but cool pic of me falling, done by Kimbo. :) Kimbo decided to add a little humor to a tense situation.  You can't help but laugh. ;)
Yet another awesome Demon Silver picture drawn by Kimbo.  The detail is simply amazing, I wish I could do that with my ballpoint pens. ;) I commissioned Kimbo to draw this image of Demon Silver for me.  I love the way it turned out, and the original looks even better!

Thorn Wolf:
Thorn says I need a vacation.  She's right!  *lol* Thorn surprized me by adding this to the commission! Yay!  I now use it as a Live Journal, and TIB avatar. It's a picture of me I had Thorn Commission!  I love the way it turned out! An extremely cute picture of me drawn as a puppy by Thorn Wolf!  I love it! :D
A beautiful tablet piece done for CWTyger and me. An awesome gift from Thorn, a sprite-ty Silver!  Pheer my sprite! ^^; And yet another one, thanks Thorn!

Winter Winstar:

A lovely anthro picture of me drawn by Winter Winstar. Another anthro piece done by Winter.  It's how Silver appears in his comic strip 'Twist of Fate'.  *Grins* An Chibi-fied antro Silver!  Tis cute! An awesome inked piece of Silver splashing paint on Winter, as he well, paints! *LOL!*
A requested pic of Demon Silver snarling.  Thanks again for taking the time to do my request, Winter! An early present from Winter for my 20th Birthday!  Yay! A summer type, drawing board doodle of an anthro Silver.  Winter has skills, and she looks sexy. ^^ Another drawing board doodle.  This one is just plain cute.

Snow Wolf:
(Tuna!) One night while chatting in AIM, Snow Wolf and I dicussed the Tuna scene from Disney's Atlantis.  Amused, Snow drew this picture of us, and as a bonus Snow is sparkling!  *barks and dances* Another awesome piece of artwork from Snow!  This is the result of taking about the stranger aspects of Zelda 64. ^^ Snow's half of our art trade.  I love how she does realistic art and textures so well! Snow surprised me with this for my 20th birthday!  Look, I get a balloon! ^_^  Thanks again Snow, I love it!
A reworked version of the image above.  Thanks for all of the effort Snow!

A surprize drawing left for me at TIB by buddy Suicune3k!  I love the sad expression and the anime style!  Silver in anime style... ^__^ Suicune3K surprised me with another piece at TIB!  Silver in anime style again! This time Suicune colored it for me.  Great background and coloring job!  I love! ^^

Night Tracker:
Night Tracker surprised me at TIB with this awesome gift!  She decided to sketch up a scene from TBL chat where she petted me as a werewolf. ^^ More awesome artwork from Tracker!  She decided to draw a scene from a late night TBL chat. *grins*

Another awesome surprize for me at TIB from Kamotz!  Great shadding and highlighting, the collar reminds me of Steele's from Balto. I actually stumbled upon this while surfing through Kamotz's VCL archive.  I can't believe she didn't tell me about this awesome art sooner!  I especially love the eyes. I commissioned Kamotz to draw this one for me.  I love the way it turned out, even withouth Silver's trademark collar.

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