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silver style!

Photo Gallery:

Pictures taken of various places i've gone in real life, and things around my house. Yes I have a camera and no life. Actually I do have a life, it's just not- ah never mind, just view the photos. x_X Also note that I've split this section up into off-site and on-site galleries. The on-site stuff contains large photos, the off-site stuff are my smaller photos. Unless noted, all captures were taken with a digital camera. The worst quality ones were with a small 20 dollar Argus camera (I forget the exact name), the decent quality ones come from my Vivitar 1020, and the high quality ones from my Kodak Easy Share CX6200 (2.0 MegaPixels).

Captures located in my Yahoo! Photo Gallery:
-My older digital captures from mid 2002.
-My slightly newer digital captures from 2003-2004. Taken with my second digital camera, took bad I broke it. X_x;

On site galleries:
-Stuff in my room and around the house.

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