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silver style!

About Silver Huskey:

When picking an online identity for myself back in 1998, I had two choices. One stay as myself, or pick a screen name. Don't spend too long figuring out what I choose. ^__^;

First of all silver is one of my favorite metals, but over time became on my favorite colors, along with blue. So that's where the Silver came from. At the time (and still is) Balto was my favorite film, and I was just starting up my Balto webpage. The movie had huskies in it, so i choose the name husk(e)y. Huskey was originally a misspelling, and I was too lazy to change it. But as time went on, I kept it that way because it was unique. As a quick overview Silver -favorite metal/2nd favorite color, Huskey - because of the Balto movie.

Info about the character:- Of course you want to know all about Silver. ^^
Thanks again Snow for the awesome pic!
As far as features go, Silver has a shiny light gray pelt, with a light gray (appears white) underbelly, yellow eyes - brown irises, and blue collar with gold studs (sometimes spikes). As far as personality she's very lazy, and lacks the more active tendancies of regular huskies a good deal of the time. Usually calm although she can get hot temped at times. However, she helps out when needed and likes to have fun. She likes orange juice with a passion, cereal (mainly froot loops), chewing on other's tails, sleeping, ect. Silver also lives in a small underground den shared with a small lab, a large liger (named Blue), and a perverted possum (named Snitch).

Another odd quality are the transformations. Thanks to weekly Balto League chats, and a blue substance invented by John Pullinger called Radioactive Blue Stuff (RBS), Silver has several forms. I can't explain the forms without a quick summary of the RBS. RBS was invented by and belongs John. It's an unstable substance that has many possiblities. It was orginally used for scientific experiments, and often mutated creatures. I err Silver if you wish, saw the possiblities and mixed the RBS with the DNA of various creatures, supernatural beings, and regular household foods to create modified RBS. Modified RBS is much more stable than original RBS, and has only purpose, to mutate a being.

Silver's various forms are below, listed from most used and down.

Demon Silver: Thanks to Demon RBS, Silver changes into a large (bear sized) fluffy dog demon, with large black feathered wings, acidic blood, acidic drool, saber-like fangs, and long poison tipped claws. Over the years the fearsome reputation has been replaced by a more peaceful one, gaining her the name "The Peaceful Demon". Don't mistake that for weakness though. (On a side note a story pertaining to Demon Silver can be read here. Artwork is in the Gallery)

Were Silver: Using Were RBS, Silver becomes a large werehusky with the ability to use thumbs, wear trenchcoats, and cause all kinds of new mayhem.

Dragon Silver: Using Dragon RBS, Silver becomes a small furry Dragon (about 30-40 ft long). She has silver colored feathered wings, black talons, and a feather tipped tail. She's pretty much the opposite of Demon Silver in personality. (Artwork here. Many thanks to Kimbo for the drawing.)

Super Silver: Silver mutated into a wolf with the help of Wolf RBS. Pretty much just looks like a bulkier more powerful verison of Silver.

Metal Silver: Using Metallic RBS, Silver gains the power of machines. She gets quite large, house sized, and her hide is usually covered in thick armor, complete with two jet packs. Her claws can be launched for attacking, and she has a small laser can on her right forearm.

And yes the RBS effects usual wear off. Or in some cases like Kimbo's never wear off.

Pictures for every form shall be up, as soon as I get around to drawing them.

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1998-2004, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without my premission.