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silver style!

My Video Game Status:
As some of you already know, playing video games is something I throughly enjoy. Before the internet came along, reading, and TV used to take up most of my time. But since i've gotten older, I have less time to play... But I enjoy games just as much as ever.

Current Games: - What i'm actively playing now.

-Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
I'm nearly finished with the game, except for a pesky epilouge after the final boss. So far, my impressions of this game are pretty high. I like it slightly better than the original Lunar, even though the game is more serious. I spent nearly $70 dollars on the collector's edition, but it's been worth it. Great music, great anime cut scenes, and cute 16bit graphics (128 bits aren't everything).

-Sword of Mana
A very nice addition to my GBA games collection. I'm not too many hours into the game, but it definitely has that nice Mana feel to it. But that, playing it and seeing things familier to Secret of Mana makes me smile. It has a few annoying points, but those are easily overlooked by the great story and game play.

Games on Hiatus:- I've taken an extended break from these game for various reasons... I intend to start playing them again... Someday...

-Spyro Year of the Dragon:
Ack! No sooner did I get this playstation game did it go into a hiatus mode. Blame Chrono Cross. ;)

-Zelda: Oracle of Ages:
One of the latest Zelda games for Gameboy (Color). The battle system is like that from A Link to the Past on SNES (I play the cartridge... No rom). But the new storyline is pretty interesting, as well as the new items and features. I'll say one thing, the puzzles in this game really make you think at times. Took a break to play a Pokémon Ruby, but i'm not letting this game go.

-Pokémon Stadium 2:
A nice edition to the Gold and Silver RPGs... I beat Round 1, and i'm still playing Round 2... But oy, Round 2 is hella hard... No other way to put it.

-Pokémon Gold:
Silver was more fun for me... I enjoy that team better. I just got Gold so I could trade to myself, ect.

-Breath of Fire 2:
Great game, but I won't finish it until I first complete Breath of Fire.

-Breath of Fire:
Yep, back on hiatus, and i'm considering not finishing it. A little boring, but it still has it's charm. The dull music, and early SNES graphics are a slight turn off though. But i'm determined to finish it someday.

-Mario RPG:
I played Paper Mario first, so I want to understand this game a bit more. It's fun, but I really haven't had a chance to play much.

Noteworthy Finished Games:- I finished 'em and I recommend them!

-Final Fanasty VII
Overall, I liked FF7, but I wouldn't call it one of my all time favorite games. It was my first Final Fantasy game, and I found it to be a bit overated. It took 80 hours to finish, but I can't say that the ride wasn't fun. I even took down the Emerald and Ruby weapons!

-Pokémon Ruby:
It took nearly a year, but I finally got another game for my Gameboy Advance. The graphics and game play are amazing. The music is of great quality however the tunes aren't as catchy as those found in Pokémon Gold and Silver. I find myself appreciating the anime (Pokémon: Advanced) thanks to playing Ruby. I haven't done everything there is to do, but for the most part, I faced the Elite Four and won.

-Golden Sun:
My first Gameboy Advanced Game. Beautiful music, well done graphics (PSX quality), and a fairly interesting storyline. I enjoy the various techiques and how you can mix and match them between characters. Only downside is when a character doesn't have an enemy to attack they revert to Defend instead of attacking the next foe. I was certain that I'd never beat the final boss, but after some hard work, I managed to do it. Now I'm tempted to buy Golden Sun 2, just to see how the adventure ends.

-StarFox 64:
One day after finishing FF7, I decided to revisit StarFox 64. It took a few hours, but I was able to beat the game, taking the easy path. I do plan to replay someday, just to see the alternative endings.

-Chrono Cross:
Yes, I finally got my paws on the sequel to Chrono Trigger (and another PSX game)! The graphics and music are awesome. The game play is pretty good too, but the story gets tedious from time to time. Overall it's a nicely done attempt at a Chrono Trigger sequel. Except for having too many characters, and not enough double or triple techs (I didn't get any). I didn't like the ending I got, but I don't feel like playing it over again. I'll do so in the future though, just for a better ending.

-Secret of Mana:
My original SNES rom got deleted so I had to start all over again... Storlyline is simple, but yet involving. The battle system makes it a mix between an RPG and an action game. The music gets a little dull at times, thanks to my rom, but it's still fun to listen to. The ending was good and the last boss was a bit strange to battle (lost my sword at one point and had to start over).

At first I didn't feel much like playing this game but aftering giving it a try, the storyline really got me hooked! And the battle system is quite different! It took me a total of 96 hours to finish this game. Thankfully it was worth it.

Chrono Trigger:
There's no other game like it! I'm still working on those endings but playing over and over again never gets dull. ;)

Lunar Silver Star Complete:
Lots of anime cut scenes! Almost an hour's worth... Most games only go up to 20 mintues. Good storyline, nice 2D graphics, excellent music, and great humor.

Pokémon Silver:
So far out of all the Pokémon game series, Silver is by far my favorite. The features such as the time clock (which functions in real time), set days of the week, the time machine and various contests all give the game a very unique aspect. I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Pokémon.

Zelda 64:
I spent a long time trying to finish this game, but everyday, which turned into months was worth it! Cool music, nice graphics, and a fun 3D enviroment. It'll work your mind...

The Lion King:
I'm talking about the SNES/Sega Genesis verison, not Simba's Mighty Adventure... Music from the movie, fun side adventures, and a cool fighting system. The system uses a series of rolls, mauls, slashes, roars, slaps, and tosses to defeat enemies.

Rocket Knight Adventures:
Came out in 1994, but I still like it. It's the only game i've played where a Possum's the hero... Pigs are the typical villain though. Oh yeah, the and the hero carries a sword, and can hang from stuff with his tail... All I can say with this game is, pratice makes perfect! I'm serious...

The Sonic the Hedgehog Series:
Why mess with perfection? These games are non-stop action and fun! Of course every button is for jumping...

Paper Mario:
I should have brought this game for my N64, I really like it! It's a unique RPG where you have partners, which you can switch out, shoes, a hammer, magic and star power. You can also create your own critical hits by timing them. Did I mention the characters are all paper thin? Still a great game though!

Future Games: I currently have my greedy eyes set on Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy Chronics (FF4 and the Chrono Trigger remake), Final Fanasty 8, Pokémon Crsytal, Breath of Fire 3, and Zelda: Majora's Mask... Save, save, save! Or in some cases rent, rent, rent!

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